Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am home....

I'm home, and have nothing new or up coming on the horizon. This feels a little sad but also relieving. For several months, maybe longer, everything has seemed to consisted of days that were either in high fast forward or crawling slowly, so slowly they hardly seemed to move at all.

There was a little bit of crafting, a little planning, a lot of fretting (pretty useless but seemingly hard to avoid) making plans and tossing them out for new ones. There were the Holidays, a wedding that (for me) was a job, a computer that decided to just STOP, a wedding that was love combined with a long awaited vacation, time with people I love that I rarely see, and some more personal drama and triumph thrown in and mixed up for good measure. There are things that got pushed to the back burner that NEED to be finished and some new goals and interest I want to work on. I know 2011 is a quarter of the way into it's second month, but I feel like now that I am home it can start for me. I can transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer. Finish that lingering embroidery project (Sorry Kimmie) and start 2011. I'm not setting elaborate goals. I want to be a better photographer at the end of this year than I am now. I want to learn more about many things. I want to start walking again and eating things that make me feel good. I might add more concrete goals to these vague ideas later on but for now I'm content with progress.

Today I'm going to sit and drink my coffee, enjoy the dog at my feet and a computer that works, go through my pictures, maybe do a little editing or stitching and just in general take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I'll catch up with you again soon but for now I'll leave you with this one picture, my baby sister, beautiful bride, grown up married woman. I love you Robyn and I am so very very proud of you.



  1. Awww, I loooooove that picture of Robyn. Gorgeous!!!

    I'm so glad you're home but I think you know that. ;) Love you and missed you. Two weeks felt like a really loooong time without my bff.

    I love all your goals/ideas. I'm in the same boat. Back to walking, back to eating better, start crafting, sewing, scrapbooking and just being a bit more creative then I have been.

  2. Thank you :) I missed you too.... Jay took the picture but I editted it. I'm getting a little better at the photoshop... well I'm learning a little anyway