Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Storm At Sea....

washed up this pretty little mermaid.


This was for another swap :), of course. I’ve really been enjoying these fun little projects. My attention span is long enough for them. My partner loves mermaids and I had originally intended to make a pillow. After I got the top finished, though, I started worrying that she wouldn’t have a place to put it, and decided to go with a mini quilt instead.

Even though I do think my machine quilting needs some work, my partner loved it.... which quite frankly is always the best part.


The block pattern is a favorite of mine, “Storm at Sea”. I love all the different patterns your eyes can focus on. I paper pieced the top making a few minor changes (like the mermaid) using a pattern from an old issue of Miniature Quilts Magazine, which sadly appears to have gone out of business. (I should probably take better care of my old issues.)

I’m thinking (watch out), I would like to do a bed size quilt with a black background and make the colored pieces yellows and oranges and reds..... It’s funny when I lived in the desert (like my swap partner) I loved the cool blues and greens. However, since moving to Oregon, where there are so many different greens outside, I have discovered a new appreciation for yellow and orange, especially come February.


  1. I absolutely love this litte quilt-I would love to make one-what a cool idea! I am certain your swap partner loves it too.

  2. It turned out sooooooo cute!!! I love how you mention that your machine quilting needs work when that is my good machine quilting. lol

    Amen to the red and yellows. I'm feeling chilly today and nothing sounds warmer than under a sunny quilt.