Thursday, August 5, 2010

Embroidery and pretty girls

One of the first swaps I signed up for was Pin-Up Hand Embroidery, but we had a month to complete it so it’s been awhile in the making.

But YAY! Katy, got my package so I FINALLY get to show off what I sent. I have to say, I was a little intimidated by my partner. I’ve bought several of her wonderful patterns so it really had to be good. I was torn about whether I should use one of hers, or try something else. In the end I went with this little dancing girl from Keen Olive.


I've had her finished for quite some time. I loved working on this little girl. She was one of those projects that every detail that filled in just seemed exactly right.


The stockings are my favorite part. :) I used a fine tulle and cut it big enough to go over her leg. If I was a more patient, meticulous person I would have basted it down or something first. But I'm not, so I just backed stitched it on the embroidery line. Then I took out the part I did at the beginning and smoothed it a little flatter and redid the first part over. And then I did it exactly the same way for the second leg. I don't believe in making things easier on myself apparently. I was afraid when I trimmed the edges it would pull out so I ran a very tiny running stitch right next to the embroidery using a silk thread designed for applique. If you look super close you can see it but it's not obvious and the stockings stayed attached. Even after a trip through the washer. I cannot believe how filthy white fabric can get even when I'm being extra careful.


After her stocking I think I love her hair. I was worried about how it was going to look so I put it off until the last bit. Procrastinating means it’s going to work, you know, and it did. I just crammed as many french knots into a small space as I could using three different shades of brown.

When I signed up for this I knew I would want to put an extra little thing in the box but I didn't quite know what it was. After reading Katy's profile I knew I wanted to make her a needle book. I mean how hard can it be, really.

Apparently I can make anything really hard if I want to.....( I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. I have made quilts, clothes, curtains, and stuffed animals. ) I made more silly mistakes on this one little book than I have one probably any 10 projects. My Home Ec teacher would have been ashamed. I didn't put the right sides together on the pocket..... rip it out...didn't put the right sides together on the cover..... rip it out... forgot to put the ribbons in.... rip it out.... cut too close when I trimmed the corners.... resew that corner.... finally pretty little needle book.....


Not so fast. Now the observant among you will have noticed something I did not notice until I went to address the package.

Yep... Katy not Katie...... Really no way to fix this. Which makes this one.... a prototype.... Ya that's it. It wasn't so much a bad thing. I knew I had wanted a pocket in the back for scissors and a pocket in the front for floss.... the size I had made it was the same size as one of the ATC's which was just a tiny bit small for scissors.

I increased the size just a little bit, added some sparkly bits and found some wool felt instead of the acrylic. Much better. Apparently the universe was trying to tell me I needed practice.


I’m really happy with how they both turned out and now I think I need a needle book.


  1. I love the pin-up girl and the needlebook-you did a great job!

  2. i've just spent forever going through and staring at your work, it's brilliant!!

  3. Your pin-up girl is great! I really love it.

  4. I love love love how they both turned out. Your girl is probably one of my favorite projects you have done. Sooooo cute.